‘Parked’ vehicles now need insurance

The government is forcing all motorists to insure their vehicle whether or not they drive it you aren’t, under controversial rules that hopefully will combat uninsured driving.

Under the terms of the little-known continuous insurance enforcement law, it’ll be an offence to “keep” an uninsured vehicle C even tho it’s a car, van, motorbike, motorhome or truck C although it really is secured in the garage or permanently parked for a driveway. So far they have only been an offence to actively drive an uninsured vehicle.

The change is introduced quietly, nonetheless it have a big impact on any motorist who’s got such a new car but is yet to eliminate the previous one, as well as on racecar owners who park their vehicles for the majority of the season.

Such drivers do not be capable of convey a car uninsured in the spare room or parked off the road. From now on they’ll need to get hold of the DVLA in Swansea, declare your car as “off the road” by completing a statutory motocross notification (Sorn), and give up the tax disc together.

The government has introduced the modifications, which appear at odds having its campaign to abolish red tape, as part of its deal with uninsured drivers.

A national advertising is launched by way of the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB), but few drivers are probably alert to the advance.

Mike Penning, the street safety minister, says: “Uninsured drivers certainly are a danger on our roads, killing 160 and injuring a further 23,000 people annually, and in addition they cost honest motorists 500m in extra premiums.

“That is why i am introducing this tough new law, which could leave uninsured drivers with nowhere to coat. Our message is evident: get insured or face a superb, court action or seeing your car seized and destroyed.”

However, the project may have major cost implications for law-abiding vehicle owners which park their car temporarily after its insurance expires.

From Monday 20 June), the DVLA works when using the MIB to find uninsured vehicles. Motorists will get formed letting them know their vehicle seems to be uninsured, and warning them are going to fined unless they do something. The first letters will begin going out in the next couple of days. In case the keeper isn’t going to insure the automobile they’ll be given a 100 fine.

If the passenger truck remains uninsured C whether or not you aren’t the fine pays C “further action will be taken”, the MIB says. When the vehicle is on public land it may then be clamped, seized and destroyed. Alternatively, court action can be taken using the offender facing an outstanding up to 1,000.

Vehicles which includes a valid Sorn will not need to be insured.

Ashton West, MIB leader, claims that at one time about 4% of vehicles don’t have any car insurance policy. “The change in law may be a improving of enforcement activity, to ensure that not only those vehicles driven not insured might be caught. Now the registered keeper should make sure their vehicle is insured regularly.”

Uninsured driving in to a huge problems in some areas, with a few boys who’ve been “priced out” of insurance buying cars and taking towards road without cover.

Some will wonder why it’s got been introduced seeing that it is already an offence to drive a car an uninsured car. Police seize 180,000 vehicles each and every year in this offence, with offenders facing a 200 fixed penalty or perhaps court fine as high as 5,000, and possible disqualification. About 200,000 folks are convicted of uninsured driving annually.

Every time permitting encourage tax disc or purchase a new one you lose money, unless you it exactly for your end and the introduction of the month.

The move, however, continues to be welcomed with the insurance industry. Nigel Bartram, underwriting expert for the UK’s biggest insurer, Aviva, says uninsured driving costs premium-paying motorists 30 1 year with their plans.

He says:”It is our hope that ridding the roads of uninsured drivers will reduce pressure on premiums. We welcome this when the strongest deterrent yet inside combat with uninsured driving. Small children that joggers motorists driving without being insured can also be about to skip their annual MOT C in actual fact, these are six times almost certainly going to drive a risky vehicle.”

In April the prime minister announced his “red tape challenge” to lose unnecessary regulations. The AA has asked why driving licences really need to be renewed after Several years, and why some bus lanes are Day, however the buses don’t explain to you a night.

Owners can check their vehicle is recorded as insured by utilizing the free service at askMID.com.

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